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   The 08 Odyssey Continues!

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02/09/19 For those of you lucky enough to be coming to our Gala at Rowsley,this coming weekend the (7th & 8th of September),this will be the sight that greets you the 06, D2420,joining our iconic line up of shunters ,that will be assembled to work our shuttles.Freshly out shopped and only completed today .The first time an 06 has been seen in green for at least 30 years?We may not be the biggest, but we are one of the best,and we always put on a fantastic show,(Not my words ,but quoted to me recently).As previously mentioned a distinctive 60s/70s Scottish Theme ,with the 05 and 06 putting in an appearance both days,with the Barclay  01,D2953 in a fresh coat of Mid Brunswick green paint as well,plus the 07 or the PWM654 both being in BR Blue and last but certainly not least ,the 02,D2854,and 04's ,D2205 and D2284 ,with our resident industrial "Bigga" all being nicely presented and run for your enjoyment.Hope im not tempting fate  but with your support and our hard work ,should see both D2229 and D2289 both debut in Galas next year,2020.Your help over the last decade by supporting our galas has seen an unprecedented amount of our collection ,come alive and back into use for your enjoyment,so a win/win for everybody!We wish our neighbours at the Great Central (North), well with their Gala this same weekend, and hope that you can  visit both while in the area.Happy Shunter Hunting,and hopefully see you this weekend!!



Shunter Hunter Gala 

 7th & 8th September


This Gala is being dedicated to the memory of our Unique Treasurer (Evander Bramall,"Van"),who passed away on the 27th of June.We are intending to commerate his passing ,by naming our other guardsvan after him at the commencement of this event.

Refreshment facilities will be available throughout both days at our running shed ,and Peak Rail's buffet on Rowsley Station .We will be having a lunch break around 13.15 hrs,for approximately 30 minutes .Most of our locomotive collection will be  displayed for you to photograph and enjoy,throughout the Gala.

Please note there is no pedestrian access ,for visitors  to our sheds and yards throughout the weekend,you must travel down (and back) by our brakevan shuttles to access our site.There will be fully guided tours available to all visitors or alternatively you may wander round at will.Please note this does not include Peak Rail's shed or storage sidings.Can you also take great care when crossing any rails or sleepers, and please do not wander onto our running line. 

All-Day Rover Tickets are available for this event at £16.00.You will be issued with a wristband at the point of sale ,please wear this for the full duration of your visit to us.(You may be asked to leave our facilities if you cannot show your wristband.)

                    More details to follow shortly

Now On Sale & hot off the Press ! ; 

Now on sale,our vastly updated Allocation history of BR Diesel Shunters.,All you ever wanted to know about BR shunters (but were afraid to ask!!), is in this brand new book. This includes all of the Classes, from 01 to 14, Unclassified Shunters, departmental's and oddball  one offs etc, etc., all with full allocation histories and also disposal and scrapping dates. If you have an interest in Shunters that worked on BR (who hasn't?), this book is for you. A unique guide to what we still have, and where, plus the full story of BR's efforts to get rid of these invaluable machines,allocations ,disposals etc, and the private railway companies who have aquired fleets of these.Any book with this amount of information contained regarding BR Diesel Shunters, will probably never be published again ,so get you copy now!.Proceeds from the sale of this book, will go towards the restoration and maintenance of the Heritage Shunters Trust collection, so a win win for  everybody interested in these "little" locos!

Priced at  £26.50 plus £3.50 post and packing.

To Book Sales ,22 Newman Rd,Wincobank,Sheffield,S91LP

All Cheques made payable please to; The South Yorkshire Railway.Co Ltd.

Van Bramall 4/07/49 to 27/06/19

   Its with an extremely heavy heart I have to announce the sudden passing of Evander Eugene Bramall, known to one and all as Van.Our treasurer and my very close  friend,for over 52 years.We had known one another since meeting on an EM2 loco hauled ,service train on the Woodhead ,as we travelled to Manchester to join overnight trips with riival trainspotting clubs ,The Salford loco society and The Buckley Well Railway Enthusiasts,little knowing that both of these clubs would quite shortly merge and we would go on the same overnight loco spotting trips in the late 60's onwards.I lost touch with Van after getting married, only to discover some 20 odd years later that our paths would cross again ,and our strong friendship would resume' as at a chance encounter in Sheffield City Centre ,I discovered he had been working overseas in the Gulf States.He took up the position of Postmaster at Catcliffe Post Office only some 3 miles from my home ,and it was really a natural progression for Van to get involved with our group .His head for figures was legendary ,and he will be a hard act to follow as our Treasurer ,as at times he could be quite "creative" , and this is not meant as an insult,I just know he would have taken this as a compliment!

     Van was always very supportive of the Heritage Shunters Trust,and he will not only be missed as our treasurer ,who always kept us in the black,but also for the incredible amount of painting he did,ably assisted by the now notorious Saturday "Painting Gang",of Andrew Wilson(also now  deceased), and a more recentl gang member,Brian Slack. Although he had suffered ill health for years,Van never moaned about his ailments ,and did a huge amount of walking to lose weight ,in a bid to get healthier.He could be argumentative,stubborn ,(cant we all?),but also very  faithful and supportive ,and always ready to do more than his share of  the multitude of less than glamorous unseen jobs, that are vital to keeping our Trust ticking over .Van we will miss you hugely ,its been a privelege knowing  you mate ,and I can say  this without any fear of contradiction ,RIP pal.


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