The Heritage Shunters are proud to  present:

The Shunter Hunter Revival Gala

Saturday 24th July and Sunday 25th July 2021

Dates now confirmed

We have to apologise, this Gala is now a static display of our shunters.

The Peak Rail Board put in a complaint to the ORR - Office of Rail and Road raising concerns they have about the HST and our documentation on Wednesday 21st July. (A meeting none of our officials were invited to). The ORR inspector phoned one of our officials at 11.30am on Thursday 22nd July. We now have to provide the ORR via Peak Rail documentation that we have never had to provide before. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this documentation prior to our Gala this Saturday and Sunday.

We hope you will still have a brilliant time seeing all our loco's, you will have the opportunity to climb into some of the loco cabs - this will be at your own risk.

We have been very busy preparing for our July Gala, we have added a patio to our snack cabin, which greatly enhances the facility and allows for sitting with a cuppa. (See  photo below.)

Thanks for your Continuing Support.

Please note all subject to availability


£10 adults / £15 couples/ families

(Cash only please)

    10am to 4pm approximately

Please note that as the South Yorkshire Railway, trading as the Heritage Shunters Trust is a registered Charity and also a  Limited Company, our liability insurance and basic administration costs amount to more than £4,000 per year, even before the cost of restoring locos is taken into account.



Our new patio (or newish),with its new coat of green paint.Well we are in the heart of the Peak district ,and only today Andrew ,a visitor and also a working member at the Avon Valley Railway ,was marvelling at the vast amount of space we all enjoy at our Rowsley site ,and or own HST facilities.Hope you enjoyed your visit Andrew. The completion of our patio, is in preparation for our first Gala since the lockdown,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

                 You Will Enjoy Yourselves Whether you Want to OR NOT!!!!! Only joking be great to see Enthusiasts and the general public ,back enjoying our Collection again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Please Come and Join Us !!!!!

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        The Early Days (Circa 1988?)

                               Photo courtesy of Adrian Booth

Attercliffe in the East End of Sheffield, and we had been invited by Sheffield City council on the pretext of building a Steam Railway, through the "East End Park" which was situated adjacent to this site. This location was the recently demolished Brown Bayleys steelworks and just to the left of this was their lorry garage, which we had converted into a loco shed. This was to be our base, but you can read more about this sad saga on our History Tab (click on at the top of this page). Apologies in not being able to name everyone on the photo. I don't recognise the guy with glasses and bib and brace overalls, stood at the back or the young lad in the recently acquired unique 06 locos cab, but from left to right on the front row.........................................................

Tony Howard (RIP), Mark Whittlestone, Dave Hardy, Martin Brailsford (now BHESS, Jeff Watts, Glenn Atkinson, Dave ??? and none other on the right hand end, Mr Harold Needle esq!!, before he was famous, or should that be infamous?? (sorry H!). This location became the Don Valley stadium as we discovered to our consternation just a little later, but as mentioned see our history and judge for yourselves how we were treated. Many thanks to Adrian Booth for this unique photo and insight into one of our past homes.

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   Just adding to 08 photos 08244 & 0nwards!

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21/11/20 You Lucky People!! , as Tommy Trinder used to say (Do you remember him?) Okay, ok I'm showing my age, but that's also showing, as I'm locked away at home again, as multifarious OAPs are!! All being well the "Saturday Gang" would have been at Rowsley to day, doing what they do best ,getting dirty, putting the world to rights, and making sure the locos and infrastructure of HST are "Tickety Boo". I suppose I'm getting round to saying that I'm posting again in "John's Blog" column, so watch the space. If anyone has anything Railway related, they would like to submit for the column, please do so, but try to stay on the side of decency, and pieces not involving future litigation, not everyone would agree, but I can ill afford the time to spend behind bars!!

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Restoration progress for 2020  work update

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A blast from the past,the entrance to our old site at Meadowhall on the left ,and on the right middle distance is the old Yorkshire Engine Co ,premises,still in use today as a tube maufacturing company

   The 08 Odyssey Continues!

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Donations now accepted by Paypal.

To make it easier to donate to the Heritage Shunters Trust we have added a Donate Button below, just click on it and add the appropriate amount in the next window. Many thanks for your generosity.