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 D9501 & D9534

Did you spot either of these?

Calling all you spotters of a certain age? No doubt, if you have been locked down for almost a year, you will be turning to different activities, if for nothing else to stimulate the mind.

Although I am the first to admit Im rather biased, the endless TV, with Dancing on Ice, Morning tv with a countless number of experts, who  are world authorities on the Covid Situation and all factors connected with it, and other associated dross the tv planners keep presenting us, with really doesn't do it for me and probably not for you either.

However all is not lost.Most of you will now be aware that an amazing amount of work has been done to achieve an accurate record for now and the future, of what happened to locomotives now scrapped be it steam, or diesel, and for the purpose of this article, just a mere couple of these Diesel Locomotives.

        If you can spare the time and you have not been persuaded to bin all those old spotting books with lists of locos taken when you had: long hair or some hair, your own teeth, wore what you wanted to wear, and more importantly the freedom to do as you pleased? (Aaaah do you remember those days?), and hasn't resulted in you "losing " your old notebooks.

Can you PLEASE dig your old spotting logs out and see  if you spotted D9501 or D9534 ? Many hours have now be spent by the Britain's leading experts in this specialist field  of trying to establish the true ultimate demise of both of these 14's.

       Have you got a dated sighting, with a location for either of these, that may be a final piece in the jigsaw? Can you also please note, don't refer to "Pronounced Life Extinct", or any other more recent Diesel and Electric  disposals books to pass this information on.

When we edited The Allocation History of BR Diesel Shunters, any questionable disposals, were noted as disposal not proven or unknown. This is not the easy way out, nor should it detract from the finished book, but was done to try and eradicate the number of errors which have become compounded by editors replicating erroneous information from other disposal books. The above two locos are being found very hard to establish where and exactly who disposed of them. Of course this only applies to spotters of a certain age because these disappeared in the late sixties. Please help if you can, if for no other reason than you may have the Kudos of solving the puzzle, or maybe helping to. 

        The Early Days (Circa 1988?)

                               Photo courtesy of Adrian Booth

Attercliffe in the East End of Sheffield, and we had been invited by Sheffield City council on the pretext of building a Steam Railway, through the "East End Park" which was situated adjacent to this site. This location was the recently demolished Brown Bayleys steelworks and just to the left of this was their lorry garage, which we had converted into a loco shed. This was to be our base, but you can read more about this sad saga on our History Tab (click on at the top of this page). Apologies in not being able to name everyone on the photo. I don't recognise the guy with glasses and bib and brace overalls, stood at the back or the young lad in the recently acquired unique 06 locos cab, but from left to right on the front row.........................................................

Tony Howard (RIP), Mark Whittlestone, Dave Hardy, Martin Brailsford (now BHESS, Jeff Watts, Glenn Atkinson, Dave ??? and none other on the right hand end, Mr Harold Needle esq!!, before he was famous, or should that be infamous?? (sorry H!). This location became the Don Valley stadium as we discovered to our consternation just a little later, but as mentioned see our history and judge for yourselves how we were treated. Many thanks to Adrian Booth for this unique photo and insight into one of our past homes.

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   Just adding to 08 photos 08244 & 0nwards!

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21/11/20 You Lucky People!! , as Tommy Trinder used to say (Do you remember him?) Okay, ok I'm showing my age, but that's also showing, as I'm locked away at home again, as multifarious OAPs are!! All being well the "Saturday Gang" would have been at Rowsley to day, doing what they do best ,getting dirty, putting the world to rights, and making sure the locos and infrastructure of HST are "Tickety Boo". I suppose I'm getting round to saying that I'm posting again in "John's Blog" column, so watch the space. If anyone has anything Railway related, they would like to submit for the column, please do so, but try to stay on the side of decency, and pieces not involving future litigation, not everyone would agree, but I can ill afford the time to spend behind bars!!

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A blast from the past,the entrance to our old site at Meadowhall on the left ,and on the right middle distance is the old Yorkshire Engine Co ,premises,still in use today as a tube maufacturing company

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