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Visitor Information

Welcome to The Heritage Shunter Trust, located at Rowsley, in the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire.        

        Heritage Shunters Trust(HST), a not for profit, charitable organisation, has the core aim of collecting restoring and conserving ex British Railways diesel shunting locomotives, and to portray the diverse range of designs utilised by BR, after the transition from steam to diesel. The collection is unique as being the largest, and most comprehensive collection in the Country. We actively encourage visits to our premises, which are at Peak Rail's vast Rowsley yard, situated at the current northern terminus of their Heritage railway line from Matlock. Not only can you see our collection on display but also view locomotives being restored, which can mean anything from a cosmetic repaint to a full rebuild, be it mechanical, power units, gear boxes etc, to locos having new fabricated parts fitted. Your visit will also be enhanced by being escorted by one of our knowledgeable guides, who will try to answer any questions you may have. Most of our collection is housed in two purpose made buildings , which serve as display and working areas. Galas are run every year (See Events Tab for more details). This is when the working locos in our collection, can be seen topping and tailing Brakevans rides up and down our line, with guided tours for photographic opportunities of all of our collection, which amounts at the moment to some 25 locos!

        Ever thought of getting involved in restoration work on locos? Come along and find out how you can help. You could make a real difference, and be part of a team restoring and maintaining, plus of course driving our much admired collection of locos. A whole range of jobs are available to do, be it painting, fitting, machining parts, guiding visitors around, and a host of other jobs including the most important job of all, taking your turn to mash the tea!! We provide where possible ,full guidance and training,(you wont be just thrown in at the deep end), and have a full range of facilities for working volunteers to use.

       We are open most weekends and Bank holidays throughout the year. We always try to show people around, who turn up on a ad hoc basis, but you are advised if travelling long distances to check beforehand that we will be open for your visit. We always try and endeavour to make sure that visitors see as much of our collection as possible. Stocklists are available, at the modest price of £3.00, which lists all the locos and rolling stock in our fleet. All we ask if you are visiting, and want to be shown around with a guide, is a minimum fee of £5.00. All monies raised goes towards the upkeep of our collection, and this is one of our main sources of income. We do not get any external official funding.                                                                                                                                                                    

Due to Health and Safety reasons, please seek out a member of our staff before entering our buildings,  this is most important. You are quite okay to view the locos stored outside, but most of these are usually sheeted up for long term storage, we do try to roll back the sheets on these locos on Gala/Open days for photographic opportunities. Please don't climb on locos, rolling stock or structures, unless a member of our group is there to assist.

         We cater for enthusiast groups who want to include us in their itinerary if visiting our area, and we are also looking at the possibilities for photographic night shoots and charters, if you have any ideas that you would like to develop (Pardon the Pun!), please send the details using the Contact Us page.


                                   P.S.       Hope to See You At Rowsley, and thanks for your interest.


Gala day at Rowsley with a top and tailed brakevan special.

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