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Update 28th September 2021

For Sale; CLASS 14,,,,D9525

Please note, the loco has now got an engine fault which will be taken into account if a sale proceeds.   
Contact John Wade to view and/or further details;
or phone 07868 706156 or 
0114 2424405



Generic Information for interested Parties.

The Locomotive has had a Full rewire to the Swindon Works drawing ,which was issued when the locos were built. Every wire is identified by the correct number as per drawing. This work was carried out by a fully qualified Panel Electrician. In my own words the wiring is an absolute work of art.

An overhauled turbo charger has been fitted to the power unit with new leather bellows. The power unit has had an oil change, and after the governor has been adjusted, now runs very nicely with no evidence of excessive smoke once the engine is warm. No leaking radiator elements and the loco has the appropriate antifreeze added. (Please note engine update above.)

The loco was stopped by ourselves as the generator had an intermittent fault. The generator has now had a full rewind, and while the loco was under overhaul the air frame that straddles the generator has had a full overhaul also with the b nose end also having a full internal repaint.

Moving onto the cab. The internal steps within the cab have both been renewed. The peg board paneling which makes up the internal roof has all been renewed to a high standard. The cab has had a full internal repaint. Both of the triple sliding cab windows are in good working order.

It has a full set of cab gauges including the electric fuel gauge which are absolutely impossible to find in original condition. The hand brake is in full working order.

The bottom end has been serviced, including all components below being lubricated and overhauled as required.

Externally the loco has had a full repaint with replica works plates, the correct coaching stock roundels and paint spec applied. Replacement air vents have been fitted to the bonnets as required.

Please note as of yet the loco is not fitted with route indicator boxes, although this should be a relatively easy item to have made. Don't look for original ones there aren't any they rusted out many years ago!

The loco has not been tyred turned but they have reasonable tyres with a profile on them. The loco has had new battery boxes fabricated and fitted to an exacting standard, with a good set of batteries fitted ,all with new wiring of course.The loco is vac fitted and it works.

If I am honest the loco looks a treat. We don't really want to let it go, BUT its too large for our collection. It takes up a lot of covered accommodation. It has taken an inordinate amount of time and trouble to get it into the condition its now in. (9 years) We run Galas on our sidings, this is a greyhound that doesn't want fettering to sidings or mere shunting duties! We pride ourselves on the standard of work we produce, with everything we restore. We have 22 ex BR shunters some of which are still waiting to be restored. Some of which are now awaiting to be restored for the second or third time! There are about ten of us in total undertaking this work, so what I'm  getting round to saying is we can't look after a 14, or more rightly do it anymore justice we simply don't have the time.

No guide price is to be offered, it's worth is to be decided by what its worth to you, then ultimately by ourselves. These don't come along very often, and never in the condition that this one is in. If we don't get a satisfactory offer it will stay with us, there is no pressure .

Ultimately the loco will be sold as seen, there are very few spares with it, for the reasons listed above.

I would also mention, there is also a class 14 owners club, who share information trade spares and are generally a group of very nice and extremely helpful people. I suppose it's fair to say that it will be sad not to have an involvement as Class 14 owners with this very nice set of enthusiasts. Special mention must go at this moment to a very old friend Dave Hartley,(Mr 14),always on hand to give advice,and who is now suffering poor health  .Thanks Dave.

I have been as honest as I can be, I have been actively involved myself in shunter preservation for just over 35 years so have met the chancers, dreamers, down right con artists etc etc. If you are a tyre kicker or dreamer please don't waste our time, it's probably our most precious commodity,,,,,,,,,,Thanks John Wade

All photos below of D9525 taken on 16th July 2020.

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