Events 2021

The Heritage Shunters are proud to  present:

This Gala is a display of our shunters.

The Peak Rail Board put in a complaint to the ORR - Office of Rail and Road on Wednesday 21st July - this was  at a meeting regarding concerns the ORR had with Peak Rail.  Members of the HST were never invited to the meeting, even though the ORR inspector advised that we could have attended.

The ORR inspector advised that the Peak Rail Board advised him that the HST were being obstructive, not answering emails and did not have our own insurance. We have never been obstructive, have answered emails and had already emailed Peak Rail proof of our own insurance and that we were insured to run over Peak Rail metals. 

We are hoping next year we will have had the help needed to run Brake van rides again, we hope however, that you will support our events meanwhile. 

We hope you will still have a brilliant time seeing all our loco's, you will have the opportunity to climb into some of the loco cabs - this will be at your own risk.

Thanks for your Continuing Support, this is very much appreciated.


£10 adults / £15 families

(Cash only please)

    10am to 4pm approximately

Donations now accepted by Paypal.

To make it easier to donate to the Heritage Shunters Trust we have added a Donate Button below, just click on it and add the appropriate amount in the next window. Many thanks for your generosity.

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